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Refund Policy

To provide clients with complete transparency and satisfaction, Inveslo has laid out its Refund & Cancellation Policy to reduce financial legal risks of the company, observe and prevent money laundering activities, and counter-terrorist financial policy.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Trading financial assets may carry many rewards but it also involves potential risks. To provide the best possible trading experience to the traders, Inveslo has stated these Return and Refund policies. Please read and understand the policies carefully before engaging with Inveslo and trading financial instruments.

The company may accept the refund request only if the client justifies the reason behind it. The client shall submit a request to refund in case any service is not provided or not as described, or the service received is not functioning appropriately. The refund will be made to the credit card, which has been used by the client when depositing or paying in the funds. The timescale for funds withdrawal can be between 1-2 banking days from the moment of sending the request.

In order to start the process of refund, the client shall submit a request by emailing to , with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Residential Address
  • Contact email & phone number (s)
  • Trading account number (s)
  • Initial payment account, day of payment, used payment method i.e., credit or debit card.
  • Payment identification number (if any)
  • Reason for refund/cancellation

All the information submitted should be identical to that originally submitted while registering or initial payment. If the client has provided wrong or incorrect information, Inveslo is not liable for any losses that may occur.

Please note that implemented trade transactions cannot be canceled, therefore Inveslo has the right to return the funds to the remitter, if within 1 month from the date of recharge, no trading activity has been recorded on the client’s account. Therefore, clients are advised to redeem their funds and close all open positions before submitting a cancellation request.

Inveslo has the right to block access to the Client area, suspend trading activities of their Accounts, cancel a request for transfer or withdrawal, or make a refund if the client’s activities contradict Inveslo’s anti-money laundering policy.

If the activities of the client are classified as inappropriate or contradicting the usual purpose of Inveslo’s services/products usage, where there is direct or indirect, dishonest, or illegal intent, Inveslo has the right to take regulatory actions or act within the framework of this document, without prior notice to the client. All direct or indirect losses or expenses incurred are reimbursed to the Company from the client’s funds.

For further information regarding refund and cancellation policies, clients are requested to read the Inveslo customer agreement.