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Privacy Policy

Your Personal Data is Safe!
Our detailed Privacy Policy below states how Inveslo handles confidential user information.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and Inveslo is committed to protecting visitor’s and client’s personal data. Our state-of-the-art security ecosystem ensures that clients can trade in a secure environment. This privacy policy describes in detail the policies followed by Inveslo in handling, collecting, using, managing, and protecting the personal information that the user has provided while registering via the website.

Please note that by registering with Inveslo, you give consent for the collection and usage of the provided information by Inveslo as stated in this policy. The company reserves the right to amend or review this policy without any prior notice. Continued usage of the website or services signifies the acceptance of the updated policy. Therefore, clients are advised to regularly check for notices and updates related to the changes in our policy. This privacy policy applies to the processing activities performed by Inveslo to the data of its clients or potential clients, visitors, and employees. This privacy policy is not applicable to websites operated by any other organizations or/and other third parties.

While registering or maintaining an account with Inveslo, you give consent to the organization for the disclosure of personal & sensitive information. Rest assured, Inveslo collects the data for business purposes only, which may include evaluating your financial requirements, providing services, processing requests and transactions, informing you about products or services that you may be interested in, providing client support and internal administration.

Information may include:

  • Name, address, date of birth, government-issued identifications, assets, occupation, and income details.
  • Location data, IP address & device specifications.
  • Information that is necessary for verification such as passport or driver’s license.
  • Data or information used while trading with Inveslo such as account balances, bank account, or credit card.

Inveslo shall not disclose any of its clients’ personal and sensitive information to a third party, except to comply with regulatory requirements, business interests, and at the client’s request. As a part of using personal information for the purposes mentioned above, Inveslo may disclose the information to the following:

  • Members, associates, and service providers of Inveslo, for business purposes.
  • Business introducers, parties, credit providers, courts, and any regulatory authorities as agreed by the law.
  • Payment service providers and banking institutions for deposits & withdrawals
  • Any other party authorized by you.

Please note that if the information provided by you is incomplete or incorrect, Inveslo will not be held responsible for the consequences arising due to that misinformation. You will completely indemnify Inveslo against all claims or losses arising due to providing incorrect or incomplete information.

Inveslo receives general information about clients through the usage of cookies, which are small text files stored on a web browser when you visit the website for the first time. Cookies help Inveslo to get to know the clients better by providing operational data Inveslo uses to improve interaction on its website by enhancing navigation and usability.

You can choose to disable cookies via your browser preference. However, disabling them may result in ineffective functionality of the website. For the optimum usage of the Inveslo website, its services, and products, you are advised to accept the cookies.

You have the right to request Inveslo to reveal your personal and sensitive information that we hold about you. You hold the right to know which data is in our possession and have the right to change any discrepancies or inaccuracies of the information. You also have the right to know about the usage of the information and can opt to block the usage of the data if your privacy is violated.

You may exercise these rights by submitting a written request to Inveslo.

If you do not want us to use your personal and sensitive information, you must inform Inveslo by sending an email to

If you decide to opt-out, we may not be able to continue to provide information, services, and/or products requested by you and will have no liability to you in this respect.

Inveslo has taken all the necessarily strict measures and precautions to keep your personal and confidential data protected, and to prevent any unauthorized access to or misuse of the data.